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New certificate template

30 June 2020

We have decided to change our certificate template. The main changes to the previous template are as follows:

  • Title: We switched from “Certificate of Analysis” to “Reference Material Certificate” for certified materials and to “Product Information Sheet” for non-certified materials. This has the advantage to make a clear distinction between certified and non-certified materials. In addition, it avoids confusion with normal test reports, which are also often named “certificate of analysis”. Finally, this change follows the recommendation in ISO 17034:2016 (although “certificate of analysis” is allowed there as well).

  • Reference for the uncertainty of certified and indicative values: We switched from referring to the Guide for the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurements (“GUM”; ISO Guide 98) to “ISO 17034:2016 and ISO Guide 35:2017”. While the approaches of ISO 17034 and Guide 35 are based on the GUM, they are more detailed and more specific to CRMs.

  • Information on the footer also gives the version number of the certificate in addition to the date of the release of the latest version on page 1.

We hope that this changes improve the clarity of our certificate even further. We do not intent to change all certificates to the new template, as every change also includes the possibilities of introducing mistakes. However, new certificates and revisions of old certificates will come in the new template

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