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ERM-BD600 and ERM-EF001: Some certified values retracted

14 December 2018

The ongoing stability monitoring showed trends over time for certified values of vitamin A value of ERM-BD600 (milk powder) and of the certified values for the diglyceride content, monoglyceride content and the water content of ERM-EF001 (biodiesel). Although the stability testing results were still in agreement with the certified values, these trends indicate instability and we decided to retract the following certified values as a preventive measure:

  • ERM-BD600, milk powder: (all-trans-retinol) and the sum of vitamin A (all-trans-retinol) and 13-cis-retinol).
  • ERM-EF001, biodiesel: monoglyceride content, diglyceride content, water content. We also decided to retract the total glyceride content, as it is calculated from the mono-, di- and triglyceride content.

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