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CRM News from the JRC

JRC releases new certified reference material for nanoparticle size and shape analysis

29 August 2019
The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission (EC) has produced its first Certified Reference Material (CRM) for quality control of measurements of nanoparticle size and shape parameters

Assessing environmental quality through fish: release of ERM-CE101

1 April 2019
Mercury is an ubiquitous pollutant in the environment, being found even in remotest regions of the earth. The JRC has released a new Certified Reference Material, supporting the reliable monitoring of

New CRM for trace elements in bovine liver released (ERM-BB185)

25 February 2019
The JRC developed the new certified reference material ERM-BB185; elements in bovine liver. Certified values are given for a selection of elements that allow control laboratories precise analytical me

New CRM for pesticides in soya released (ERM-BC700)

25 February 2019
The JRC released ERMĀ®-BC700, a Certified Reference Material (CRM) for the analysis of eleven pesticide residues in soya to support quality assurance for control laboratories. It will also ensure the

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