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CRM News from the JRC

Transport costs updated

2 June 2016
The JRC-IRMM has concluded a new contract with DHL for the courier services. This new contract results in lower transport costs for normal dispatches to many destinations. Unfortunately, due to the ap

First certified reference materials for testing of presence/absence of a naturally occurring toxin

4 May 2016
JRC-IRMM developed and released the first certified reference materials for testing of the presence/absence of a naturally occurring toxin, namely Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin A (SEA) i

New certified reference materials for MON-Ø4Ø32-6 soya bean released

29 April 2016
On April 27, ERM-BF410dn and ERM-410gn were released. These materials consist of soya bean powder containing 1 mass % (ERM-BF410dn) and 10 % (ERM-BF410gn) MON-Ø4Ø32-6 soya bean powder

Release of new Certified Reference Materials to identify the origin of animal proteins in feed

14 April 2016
In 2001, a total feed ban for processed animal proteins (PAP) was introduced to tackle the mad cow disease or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) epidemic. Twelve years later, PAPs derived from non

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