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CRM News from the JRC

ERM-AC626: a new CRM for the reliable determination of arsenobetaine in food and the environment

19 July 2017
The JRC released a new certified reference material for arsenobetaine. The material supports laboratories in implementing Commission Recommendation 2015/1381 on the monitoring of arsenic in food.

JRC releases a new certified reference material for autoimmune antibodies ERM-DA483/IFCC

3 April 2017
Despite the importance of autoimmune antibodies in laboratory medicine and their routine analysis, the diversity in the measurement results from different methods remains vast. The immunoassays us

Training course on the 'Use of Reference Materials and the Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty

24 February 2017
The estimation of measurement uncertainty and the use of reference materials are crucial for the correct implementation of legislation. Using reference materials for calibration ensures traceability o

ERM-CA400 : How to ensure the reliability of mercury analysis in seawater

9 February 2017
The JRC  released a new seawater reference material certified for its mercury concentration. This certified reference material (CRM) was produced in support of the Water Framework Directive (Dir

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