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New CRM for trace elements in bovine liver released (ERM-BB185)

25 February 2019

The JRC developed the new certified reference material ERM-BB185; elements in bovine liver. Certified values are given for a selection of elements that allow control laboratories precise analytical measurements ensuring food safety.

Maximum levels for contaminants such as cadmium and lead in foodstuffs are set by EC Regulation 466/2001 and amendments 1881/2006 and 488/2014.

Related to its role to support Member States in implementation of legislative requirements, the JRC has just released a new certified reference material (CRM) containing the following elements in bovine liver:

* lead

* cadmium

* arsenic

* copper

* manganese

* selenium

* zinc

The CRM was produced from raw livers from cattle available on the European market, with levels of contaminants below the EU regulatory limits. The certified values are based on an intercomparison of expert laboratories of demonstrated competence.

With certified values for contaminant elements, this CRM is a useful tool for laboratories to develop reliable testing methods and to control the quality of measurements. The CRM is available from the JRC as well as from its authorised distributors.

A full report on the production and certification of the CRM is available through the online catalogue:

   ERM-BB185 BOVINE LIVER (trace elements)

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