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CRM News from the JRC

Validity period of certificate IRMM-440 prolonged

17 January 2019
We were able to prolong the validity of the certificates of IRMM-440A, IRMM-440B, IRMM-440C and IRMM-440D. This prolongation is based on data provided by Rockwool International A/S that demonstrated t

ERM-BD600 and ERM-EF001: Some certified values retracted

14 December 2018
The ongoing stability monitoring showed trends over time for certified values of vitamin A value of ERM-BD600 (milk powder) and of the certified values for the diglyceride content, monoglyceride

The JRC releases two certified reference materials to ensure the quality of titanium

19 November 2018
The JRC produced two Certified Reference Materials  (CRMs)  for the quality control of alloying and trace elements in titanium. This  CRM supports  correct analysis of t

Replenishing our stock of gas oil reference material certified for Euromarker Solvent Yellow 124

11 July 2018
According to Council Directive 95/60/EC , all gas oil and kerosene products in Europe are taxed at a rate different from those used as propellants.  There is a need for marking the products aimed

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