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How to order

Certified reference materials can be ordered via this online catalogue, email or fax. Please read our sales conditions for ordering CRMs file before ordering, which apply to all orders.

Non-nuclear reference materials

Reference materials can be purchased directly from the JRC Geel or one of our four authorised distributors

From the JRC, Directorate for Health, Consumers & Reference Materials

Certified reference materials can be ordered via the online catalogue, per email or fax:

European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Directorate F - Health, Consumers & Reference Materials
Reference Materials Unit
attn. Reference Materials Distribution
Retieseweg 111
B-2440 Geel, Belgium

Tel.: +32 (0)14 571 705
Fax: +32 (0)14 590 406


From our authorised distributors

We have four authorised distributors, which store and distribute certified reference materials on our behalf. These distributors are audited by us and the details about the storage conditions at their premises are transmitted to us on a bi-monthly basis. This ensures that materials at our distributors are stored under exactly the same conditions as at our site in Geel and we also guarantees the validity of certificates shipped by them.

LGC Standards GmbH

(Storage facilities in Luckenwalde, Germany, Manchester, USA, and Nanjing, China)

Louis-Pasteur-Strasse 30, 14943 Luckenwalde, Germany

Tel.: +49-3371-6895005    or +49 (0)3371 6895052


Industriestrasse 25, CH-9471 Buchs, Switzerland
Tel.: + 41 81 755 2828   Fax: + 41 81 755 2815

Prices and sales conditions are freely determined by each distributor and can be obtained from them on request. They can provide advice and help in ordering and importing reference materials.

From other distributors

In line with the general right for re-selling, several other companies act as re-sellers for our reference materials. However, if samples are purchased through other than our authorised distributors, we cannot be held responsible for the non-integrity of the materials (especially in case of potentially unstable materials) nor, for the inaccuracy and/or incompleteness of the accompanying information (certificates, reports, etc.). Please do not hesitate to contact us in cases of doubt about the accuracy/authenticity of information provided.

Nuclear reference materials (Uranium, Plutonium, Thorium, Americium)

Nuclear reference materials (materials containing Uranium (U), Plutonium (Pu) and Thorium (Th)) can only be ordered directly from the JRC in Geel. Please send orders either via our online ordering system or by email to .

An end use undertaking statement file must be provided for each order. The end use undertaking statement must be:

  • an ORIGINAL document, not a copy;
  • be prepared on the end-users / consignee's headed note paper;
  • signed and dated by the end-user / consignee;
  • contain the appropriate wording;
  • include a description of the goods;
  • include the quantities to be exported.
Facsimile or photocopies of the end use undertaking are not accepted. To avoid delays please complete all the required sections, in English if possible.

“Nuclear explosive activity” includes research on or development, design, manufacture, construction, testing or maintenance of any nuclear explosive device or components or subsystems of such a device.

“Unsafeguarded nuclear fuel-cycle activity” includes research on or development, design, manufacture, construction, operation or maintenance of:
  • any reactor, critical facility, conversion plant or fabrication plant, reprocessing plant, plant for the separation of isotopes of source or
  •  special fissionable material, or separate storage installation, where there is an obligation to accept International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards at the relevant facility or installation, existing or future, when it contains any source or special fissionable material which is not being met, orany heavy water production plant, where there is an obligation to accept IAEA safeguards on any nuclear material produced by or used in connection with any heavy water production therefrom which is not being met, and also includes any such activity where there is no such obligation.


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