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Training course on the 'Use of Reference  Materials and the Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty"

The estimation of measurement uncertainty and the use of reference materials are crucial for the correct implementation of legislation. Using reference materials for calibration ensures traceability of results in several areas such as health, clinical diagnostics, food and feed safety, environment, security and nuclear safeguards. 

This course provides participants with the theoretical basis for the estimation of measurement uncertainty and establishment of traceability. Measurement uncertainty and traceability are essential for the evaluation of measurement results.

This course strongly emphasises practical application of theoretical concepts. To this end, each lecture is accompanied by exercises in small groups (5-6 people) during which the concepts are put into practice including calculations of the full uncertainty budget. Each group is supported by a trainer who helps in asking the right questions and guides the group to a successful conclusion. About half of the time of the course is devoted to these exercises, usually using Microsoft Excel.

Download the course brochure and registration form here.

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