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To search for products, please use the box on the right side ยป

The "Search" allows searching in the CRM name, code, matrix description, analyte or specific keywords. Examples for valid search terms are:
"ERM-BB384", "bb384" (CRM code), "serum" (gives all serum materials), "salbutamol" (searching forcertified reference materials for salbutamol content) etc. Several terms (separated by a space) can be entered to search for all of these terms.

This is a text search, please do not enter element symbols. A search for "S" will give all reference materials, for which CRM code, matrix name or any analyte contain an S, e.g. all serum and sediment reference materials, reference materials certified for arsenic, silver etc. Element names, however, will yield useful results.

Important: While you type into the search fields, suggestions will pop up. This only lists the most popular recent searches and will not list all options. For a proper search, you need to click the "find" button!

The "Browse CRMs" section lists all certified reference materials grouped by specific application fields, analyte groups  or matrix. 

Filters: Searches as well as several of the "Browse" operations will result also in a selection of filters on the right side of he screen. Clicking on "filter" fill hide/show these filter options.

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